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Why purchase?

Identify problems and minimize any risk to your profit margin. Experian's business credit reports provide business background, comprehensive financial information and credit risk facts in an easy-to-read online format.

Just as important as checking your own company's credit report regularly, many operating small businesses find it important to know and check the companies they do business with on a regular basis. This critical next step of managing your business relationships could be the difference between working with reliable companies and losing money -- or even losing your business.

Experian helps you quickly evaluate risk with a variety of Business CreditScore Pro plans to fit your needs. Now you can know how likely your customers are to pay and your suppliers are to deliver on time with easy-to-read credit and failure risk scores.

We offer plans that allow your business report volume to scale up as your company grows with additional suppliers or customer accounts. We also offer payment detail for those credit professionals that need more sophisticated payment insights -- our new trade line payment package at one low price.

Business reports deliver:

• Sophisticated credit scores
• Accurate information from objective sources (no self-reported information)
• Extensive banking, trade and collection data
• Public record data including liens, judgments, business registrations, bankruptcies and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings

With more than 30 years of experience in business credit reporting, Experian has put its database of more than 27 million credit-active businesses to work for you. Our service provides easy to read reports with varying levels of detail ranging from basic business facts to detailed credit payment and banking histories. Experian's world-class business database and scoring models enable you to better understand the creditworthiness of your customers and make faster, more effective business decisions.

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